You Must Let Go of Something 

The recent blood moon was noted as a moment to reflect on the end of a 2-year astrological cycle.

Just before the eclipse, in the week before, I felt a deep depression. I couldn't identify a reason. It was just there.

As I considered the new year, and the eclipse, and as the moon shone like a spotlight through our window, I could feel a shift in myself in some way. In the middle of the night, I had the thought "Let yourself let go." which I'll apply to letting go of old ways, habits, or as my friend put it, "Let go of fear-based thinking."

And I was reminded of this song from November 2008.

I only remembered the beginning of this son gbut had completely forgotten about the middle or even the chorus. I remember too, when I recorded it, not being sure of whether I liked the song or not, whether I felt it could really stand on its own. I think that's why I even added the "(draft)" part to the name when I loaded the video. 

Here's to letting go to pieces of yourself that don't best serve you.



P.S. We're getting close to the time for me to share a new track for you. For this writing project, I wanted to share a past recorded song each week. This download is Birthday, the third to last track. Looking forward to hearing what you think of all things old and new.