Who Knows Where or When 

After about a year of posting, I can't say I'm any clearer on how to release my album. I don't yet have clarity on how to create a video for the songs. I don't know how to effectively distribute a record, or even how to make sure it gets press or reviewed adequately. 

Steps achieved:
- Tracks mastered, courtesy of Jon Cohrs, Bear Call Mastering
- Track cover artwork achieved, courtesy of Lisa Schatz

Areas of complete cluelessness:

- Videos for songs
- How to Best release/distribute the songs
- How to get them reviewed

All of these things hold me up. But as I consider how time is flattening. How the past and the future are somehow nearing in distance from each other, I realize the hangup, designed to be sure and smart and whatever other things I think, is just that, a hangup, a holdup, a stop in the creative flow. The reality is, and as this blog is titled: I Don't Know What I'm Doing Most of the The Time.

That's not to be down about it. More to acknowledge it and release it to the world. I don't know, and if you're someone who does, please drop me a line. Jesus take the wheel, as the saying goes.

Thinking about  the illusion of a hangup, how you think you are holding back to more strategically achieve something but in fact only stand still, also made me think about the timeless Don Haas. I was lucky enough to study music from him. He had a beautiful arrangement of "Where or When". I don't perform his arrangement on this video, though his chart is sitting on the rhodes. Rather, I perform some new version that just came to me.

I will also include all of the nervous thoughts here. There are only a few hours in which I can get a song down. Other hours are filled so it's just a few hours that are available.  A photo montage of all of the takes to get one take looks like numerous photos of me making mistakes in order to get it right. It's hours of mistakes really to produce something that only has a few mistakes. And I'm going to let my mistakes be visible. There they are, the raw, mistakes. 

On the upside, things I like about this video are: the chords, the la la las, the break from the form, the exemption of a melodic line and lyric (do you know which one it is? and i'm not talking about how I didn't include the intro verses!), and the funny but fitting video effect provided by Youtube that matches this song.


Finally, I'll leave you with a download of Montana, a song I love and hope you do too!