Lillie Ruth 

We're watching a documentary on Quincy Jones.

Snapshots of Obama honoring Quincy Jones.

Quincy talking about a nervous breakdown and really a breakdown of his entire personal life; he was on empty; he was running. He then took time to reassess his priorities and then move forward. 

The scenes from the opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture. The landing page for their site reads "A People's Journey, A Nation’s History".

Back on the documentary, Ray Charles sings "America, A-merica..." also one of the best I've heard.

A stark contrast of the political reality we are in which warps time. Now seems like forever, but now is just now, just under a year!

Also just under a year is how long we've been in Grass Valley, and that is a decision that has reinforced itself DAILY. It is the smell of actual foliage in the air. It is the air itself. It is space, and grass, and community. It's not without it's challenges. It's still hard to juggle child care. There are still things being figured out.

The mixes of the new tracks are officially done. Eli recommends Miles Boisen or John Cohrs. Both seem great. Going to John Cohrs page I see he just finished a Tony Conrad archive project. I'm sad to remember that Tony Conrad passed away. I was lucky to meet him through Issue Project Room. I don't know how I ever ended up at Issue Project Room, or anywhere really. I've somehow been exposed to a lot of incredible art throughout.

I remember Suzanne Fiol. I am reminded of her every other day. Suzanne Way is on my jogging path. A friend in the woods.

Lillie Ruth was written during those years.