Own It 

It’s taken me longer to write this week’s post because my mind has skipped around to a few topics. I may or may not sew them up here. Maybe you can? 

Heart and mind sunshine explosion 

There's not a person I know who doesn't thrive on feeling like they are in the right place at the right time. Or maybe even that they are in the right place just before it is the right time. 

What is that, exactly?

Why does immediate connection provide such amplified confirmation? And how is it that disconnection is so disorienting? 

Last Monday I was able to attend the Creative Placemaking workshop hosted by Nevada County Arts Council. Grass Valley, Nevada City and Truckee are all part of a newly recognized rural arts district. There are only 14 arts districts recognized in the entire state of California. 

It felt like being somewhere just before something amazing happens. I feel like  I am in some lucky time portal where I can contribute to the planning, where I'm not living in the after effects of activity, but where I can be an architect.  

It was inclusive, passionate and energized. 

And I don't really know what to do with myself outside of that kind of energy. It's honest, it shakes (in a good way). I was amped the whole day! 

I actually had a conversation with an attendee about coffee. She had left it behind after moving here from LA. 

It reminded me of a conversation with another close friend about alcohol. ”I realized I only need it after a day working at a job I don't like.” 

This is something I’ve explored before. I haven't found anything further on this. I still drink coffee and alcohol.

The feeling of sunshine exploding from your head and heart is so high that when you encounter anything that is less, it's dramatically depressing. It is night and day. And it calls on a person to confront. And confrontation is so much harder than pointing out mistakes and walking away. It feels heavy. It feels fraught. It is the opposite of feeling like sunshine is exploding out of your heart and mind. 

And you must own it. Again and again, it’s up to you to own it and spare your own sanity!

You to say you disagree or were hurt or upset and why, even when you’re afraid the other person won’t relate or understand. 

You to eat healthy and exercise and figure out how to live your life. 

You to be honest no matter what the cost. 

You to learn to hear your instincts and develop that skill through practice.

You to be more responsible and not be wasteful. 

You to let your hair go grey (if it’s a voice that’s nagging you - very much not a care of mine if people decide to not be grey!) 

You to know you are not alone; other people relate to you.

Thanks for reading, 


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