I'm on a plane. 

I'm flying in to New York City.

I'm being flown in to New York City.

I'm being flown in because I am the best person for the job. In New York City. From the 7.5 miles up in the air on this plane that feels quietly remarkable. (It still feels remarkable on the ground.)

Recognition is a powerful thing. It calls on you. It enables your strengths by simply seeing they are there. It's reciprocal, or can be, but it's more than reciprocal. It's yeast in bread. 

It makes me look back on situations. Where could recognition have played a transformational role? Where did I abandon instead of recognize? Good and bad. Recognizing good is great. Recognizing bad is important too. To face it head on. To not pretend it's not there.

Once on the ground, I check in and walk to the day's work. I run into a past work friend. She tells me she had just been thinking of me, of all of the history of Issue Project Room and how no one there now had the opportunity of knowing Suzanne Fiol and how she wants to put together that history because what Suzanne built is so powerful. I immediately remember standing in the space on Livingston, when it was still a dream to her, and feeling the current under our feet. Issue would be there. It is now.

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