July 9, 6-9pm w/ Tim Bulkley on Drums @ The Holbrooke, Grass Valley, CA 


In January 2021, I started a weekly live stream show to reconnect with creative people I've met in New York City, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, Detroit, and my now hometown of Grass Valley, CA. It's been an amazing opportunity to remember artists are part of a community and that we are all connected through great art.

The show's on at 6pm Pacific (9pm Eastern). I open with a new song and close with a cover, accompanied by drummer Tim Bulkley. In between is great conversation with artists all sharing "What are you working on now and why?" 

Join us for Tuesday's show! Shoot me a message on my Contact page and I'll send you the link!

June 15 - Randy McKean, Alanna Maharajh Stone

January 5 - Ruth Chase, Velanche Stewart, Karine Fleurima
January 12 - Tamika Katon-Donegal, Shaun Duval, Lily Taylor
January 19 - Rachelle Agundes, Marcus Stephans, Lissi Erwin
January 26 - Justin Purtill, Kuros Charney, MJoy
February 2 - Meghan Finn, Kwaisi France, Blue Glass
February 9 - Scotty Prawalsky, Ariadna Garza-Novik, David King
February 16 - Mikki Boyd, Evan Francis, Jonny Mac
February 23 - Jenny Bifano, Aaron Novik, Gabriel Barrera
March 2 - Wil Blades, Sam Bevan, Molly Raney
March 9 - Dahveed Behroozi, DJ Lil' Dave, Ed Patuto
March 16 - Eno Laget, Melissa Lyn, Josh Roseman
March 23 - Kasey Knudsen, Gary Young
April 6 - Sara Pettinella, Casey Burchby
April 13 - Augusto F. Amador, Rob Ewing
April 20 - Ryan Hobler, Jason Marker
April 27 - Nathan Clevenger, Sam Chanse
May 4 - Goh Nakamura, Katy Stephan
May 11 - Dan Lee, Matthew Morrish
May 18 - Tim Bulkley, R. Luke Dubois
May 25 - Lisa Mezzacappa, Lisa Schatz
June 1 - Aaron Ross, Bella Foster
June 8 - Dayna Stephens, Lessley Anderson