Pace and Space 

"It's rarely possible in a high pace, high profile, high pressure environment, to reflect on what you're doing." This was said by renowned pastry chef Wil Goldfarb in Volume 3 of Chef's Table. He's talking about why he disappeared from…

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All The Things 

Three short thoughts this week:

1. All the things you think you have to do vs. all the things you don't do.

2. Why is silence so powerful?

3. How is it that truly earnest expression -…

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Some thoughts are energizing. 

and others aren't.



This track features writer Genevia Wylie. I like collaborating with Genevia. We can talk about a sparse idea and she sometimes has words to lend. In this track she's also speaking her…

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I'm on a plane. 

I'm flying in to New York City.

I'm being flown in to New York City.

I'm being flown in because I am the best person for the job. In New York City. From the 7.5 miles up in…

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Entregar, to deliver 

Sometimes I hear Spanish words as song titles. Sometimes as lyrics.

This song developed across 2003, recorded in 2004 and released in 2005 is one of those.

I didn't know the word entregar, but it came to mind…

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I quit my job. 

(in 2003)

On a day's notice. It's the only time I've done that. 

"How dare I ask for more money...When someone asks you to step up, you say yes!" he roared red-faced in front of the entrance lobby…

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End of Chapter 1: Floored 

I am lying on my back on the ground in Dave Bell’s recording studio. My elbows are crossed over my face. I am listening to the playback of this take. I am listening to Leonard Thompson’s solo. I am realizing…

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Hellfire and Orange Juice 

You have something unique to offer. 

This is what most healthy parents tell their children.

It's true.

It's as true as your face.

I can't explain the hellfire urgency that accompanied trying to offer this uniqueness…

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I feel anxious. 

I’m in a car. 

For a while. 

The best thing that I can do is breathe deeply. I breathe in the most that I can. I try to breathe in to each last lung pocket. (The word crepuscular…

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Why Do You Want to Make a CD? 

"Why do you want to make a CD?"

This was one of two instances (that I remember) where someone more experienced asked me a question that I didn't fully hear until years later. 

The first time was when…

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I Used To Shake 

The first time I sang as myself - not as part of a choir, not as an actress playing a character - I shook. Visibly. Violently.

I was looking down. Shaking. And singing. I could not lift my head…

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First Time In A Long Time 

For the first time in a long time, I'm going to communicate. Out from under the rock. Out from a space I like to go to. Out from hibernation. I'm going to make some kind of effort. Against the reverse…

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