Nancy Sinatra - Sugar Town 

I first heard "Sugar Town" by Lee Hazlewood on a Better Call Saul's Season 3 opening episode. Of course, it existed well before that. Nancy Sinatra recorded it in 1966. The album cover features her in a pink bikini…

That's Entertainment 

I was reminded of this song by Karine Denike in something she posted. Maybe it was The Jam's video?

That's Entertainment. I remember this song too from decades ago. For all of knowing it somewhere in my bones…


Focus on When - Who are we across time? 

Who are we across time? 

If there was a way to simply display an animation of a fireball going from left to right across the screen right now, then that would be my post for this week.



Dive into the grey - Half-baked Part 1 

Or purple as it were.

In our divided American society, and without fake compromise, how do I dive into the grey?

How do I help reveal that reality is not binary?

How do I facilitate conversations with…


Where do we go when we die? 

Where do we want to go? 

I was talking to a friend who's father passed on. Her advice, which I've heard said before is to ”Please, please. Leave a plan.”  

I sure hope nothing happens to me anytime…


New Power 

On the screen is a larger than life size closeup of Harvey Weinstein’s face, and right alongside it is a huge picture of a #MeToo really. That's how Jeremy Heimans opened his talk at the conference I attended for work…


Lillie Ruth 

We're watching a documentary on Quincy Jones.

Snapshots of Obama honoring Quincy Jones.

Quincy talking about a nervous breakdown and really a breakdown of his entire personal life; he was on empty; he was running. He then took…


You Me And Everyone We Know 

This week, in thinking about you, you here with me, reading this, I thought about a collage of episodes. 

It's the racist cartoon of Serena combined with the Kavanaugh accusation, ovrerlayed with a pitcure of Anita Hill.



Little Door Lets It In 

I want to forget myself. 

I want to forget the moment I thought I had to do x, y, or z instead of getting straight to it. 

You know what I mean.  

Out of the this and


It's mine today! Here's a song I wrote in 2010. 

I walked this and a few more songs this old and older last weekend with Tim Bulkley on drums and Scott Prawalski on bass from Bear Flag Trio