You Have to Get Your Hands Dirty 

You have to get your hands dirty. 

You have to look at the stack of papers that will help you move forward and stop dragging them around for any more weeks. It's been a month. The edges are frayed, even!  

What do the papers say? Same stuff as the goals post. They say where you're supposed to be and possibly where you aren't.  

You have to get your hands dirty with commitment, and be uncomfortable, and be OK with that discomfort.

You have to let up on drinking because the 25 pounds is not going to lose itself. 

You have to stop leaning on coffee to make it through the day.  

You have to actually reach out and connect with other human beings, and count on them. 

Count on them to: 

Help you. 
Understand you. 
Guide and advise you. 
Show you shortcuts to your best self. 
Keep you in motion. 

Keep you in motion. Keep you in motion. Keep you in motion. 

That was much easier when it was anonymous in a City. 

OK!! Enough stalling... Let's look at the papers. How do I really stack up?  

#1 Career: successfully plan album release 

I contacted Eli to see if the tracks are done.  I took a webinar by Jasmine Star about social media posting. She emphasized consistency, which is one big anti-magnet. Why is consistency so hard right now? I talked to my friend Dawn Carlson who is an amazing designer and manages the marketing for her business MAS Design. I didn't actually ask her any questions about marketing, though. Oops. Stalls. I thought about writing to Nikki McClure, but then chickened out. I did not reach out to Ryan.

#2 Health: Exercise Daily 

I am running 3-4x per week.  

I am not doing yoga 10 minutes a day. I am doing 1 stretch for like 2 minutes 3 times a week. I am better about packing my lunch but still not so great at making sure to do it. I have reduced alcohol. I have not gone to sleep earlier. I have reduced coffee most days and replaced it with water.  

#3 Creativity: Be Visible, Show Up, Collaborate, Perform 

I did not look at that song from Evan’s friend. I did not reach out to Clevenger, Mezzacappa, or Sadigursky. I did not book any dates in NYC. I have not started broadcasting songs. I found out how and where to book a show in my area and have not made the call to book the shows, and subsequent rehearsals. I did try and nudge a friend to do a recording of his music at our house this fall. I did perform as Penny Youngman and separately as myself. 

#4 Happiness: Be More Present, Expand Culinary Skills 

I have not started regular meditation. I did not sign up for a culinary course. I did find individual recipes and try out unusual things for dinner meals. I did not start planning meals for the week on Sundays. I did book a babysitter once a week to make a date night possible! I have reduced dark mental dwelling greatly and have been more forgiving and curious about my own idiosyncrasies. I did make fresh blackberry jam!

That's funny. I feel kind of OK.  


P.S. ”I love you just the way you are.” (Thanks Mr. Rogers and Nicholas Ma for making ”Won't You Be My Neighbor” - Go see it now.)

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