Live from the Lodge: Cover "Only One" 

I'm posting a new series on Youtube called Live from the Lodge where I will cover songs. First up is a cover of Grey Reverend's "Only One".

Grey's version is extraordinary You can listen and buy his whole album here. I also just spotted that one of his other songs "Watch Me" was on the This Is Us show which makes me happy.


I've skipped a few weeks of writing on this blog due to the Camp Fire. This insane fire did not affect me directly but did give my in-laws a 12-day scare. Miraculously, they were spared in this inferno. So many people are displaced, gone or suffering greatly from this horrible event. My heart to the many people who are suffering now.


I did have some random unassembled thoughts this week. Here they are for your consideration:

  • Parallel sad observations about capitalism - that it often, especially for someone whose social or professional status relies on continued support of elite status, can mean that a person is willing to leverage anything - bend the truth, imply false information - in order to maintain that status. Observation number two from a friend: why does capitalism mean you have to be an a-hole?  And of course, as I write this I realize you can be all of htese things in any economic model.
  • Stupid for me, smart for you - There's something strange about why it's really easy to be smart for someone else. Why is it easy to be stupid for myself and smart for someone else? 
  • These Clothes Are for Who? - Working off-site and connecting with people mainly by video makes getting dressed for work a new unique experience. . I mean, when I first moved here, it was a unique challenge of just discovering who I am in a setting where my shoes will always have a light red clay dust to them. I do go to a separate office, than my home, which typically busts a person out of their regular garb, but many of the clothes that made sense in an administrative City office, feel more like a costume than they used to. Ceremonial robes?

On that note, it seems timely that the next song up in the back catalog is "Shoes".