Entregar, to deliver 

Sometimes I hear Spanish words as song titles. Sometimes as lyrics.

This song developed across 2003, recorded in 2004 and released in 2005 is one of those.

I didn't know the word entregar, but it came to mind. I looked up what it meant. One meaning was "to deliver" and that seemed right for the rest of the lyrics that I had written.

I don’t speak Spanish. I should speak Spanish. I studied it in high school, I studied it in college. I studied four years of Latin. I bought some CDs again 5 years ago. I'll sign up for babbel tomorrow. 

It’s in there, but isn’t developed. I am not in enough dominantly Spanish-speaking environments on a daily basis to force the language out of its hermit crab shell. Right now it just peers out and tries to crack a joke where it can:

Un perro y un gato se siente en el patio.

El perro preguntas "Como estas?" y el gato dice "Ohhh, ,meow bien. Meow bien." 



The saxophone sound at 2:31 on this track recorded in 2004 is the sound I now hear in 2018 at sunset each night. It is the sound of geese at sunset in Grass Valley. 


Improvisation. The conversations these musicians have with each other. Like little cities.