Generations to Come Back to

I had the luxury of having my dad, Augusto Amador, in town to visit. 

I took the week off for his visit, and the week after, which is a changeup for me. I guess I've tended to keep working no matter what. I never really noticed it before, but I noticed it this year when I realized I forgot to take of a full week of vacation in 2018. How did that happen? It happened because I didn't notice I was working or that I needed a break. I hope my family didn't notice too much!

It was a great week. I love my father and the visit was filled with many moments between my son Harrison and my Dad, which I'm grateful to have been around to see. Here's one that will continue to make me smile:


When I first started this vacation, I thought each day would be filled with practice but how could I miss all of the above? Instead, I kept Emily King's "Georgia:" in my head and knew I'd have time today to sit down with it. Hope you enjoy it! And make sure to check out her original recording (beautiful harmonies!).


If you're coming out to the show on Sunday April 21, it's a good plan to reserve tickets in advance.