* Poof! * You're Back In It 

It’s true you need to change your habits by your own effort, but sometimes you need a catalyst. Maybe it’s a fast (on purpose or on accident from the flu!). Maybe it’s a change of wall colors. Maybe you chop all your hair off. Maybe you give away all of your clothes or get rid of every old thing you never use. To turn you away from the old distractions. 

Lucky for me I've had all of the above. And now its fall. 

The air is cold. It's an activator. Where did it come from? From left, going right and forward and swirling down. It was just a thread. A pin. A note. How does it know where it's going? 

It softly shakes the trees. Time to get up soon. You've been sleeping in the sun. Heart open. Golden sun soak. But now the cold glint tickles your nose, it rustles you a little, you have to move; it's time to move. 

I feel lighter. I'm running.

I smile. I laugh! 

------------>>>>>There’s time for everything.<<<<<<------------------------

There is time for everything. It's what I was searching for. This gift that's been there, waiting for me to align. 

I found you current! Ha HA!

This time I’ll keep with you. I'll run trough the woods. Forwards and backwards dancing along the gravel. 

What a gift. 

Isn’t that the magic of life? 

* Poof! * 


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