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Podcasts & Shows can Keep You Warm 

I was so happy to do this Podcast with the good folks at Killing the Breeze. I'm really excited about this podcast. I love the warm and friendly format and their angle of letting every body talk, then pasting it all together and splicing music between. No hand holding for the listener just aggregate observation. FUN.

I'm also looking forward to a show this Wednesday night (11/19) with Tim Bulkley on drums and Kevin Barker on bass. I first heard Kevin play through a recording the Goh Nakamura was making at Gary Olson's recording studio, Marlborough Farms. (On a side note, 3 of the tracks from my album were recorded at Malborough Farms. It's a great studio and Gary is a great engineer.)

I hadn't seen Kevin since that recording but ran into him at M Shanghai and was thrilled that he was free to play this upcoming gig. Because great dumplings are where great instincts set in, I asked Kevin if he could play on this gig. Like Tim who is a visual artist, drummer, and keyboard/sampler man. Kevin is also multi-talented. He's a guitarist, a bass player recently on tour with Hamilton Leithauser of The Walkmen, and a screenwriter and director. Looking forward to what these guys bring to the music with their multi-talents!

Wednesday 11/19
Fontana's Bar

105 Eldridge Street b/w Grand and Broome St.  NYC

We're on at 8:30/9 (probably closer to 9) and we'll be on for a 40 minute set!


The Last 2 Tix to Friday's Sold Out Show - Claim them! 


My talented writer friend Samantha Chanse will not be able to use her two tickets to Friday's Battle of the Boroughs show. She's generously donating them to a lucky person to use in her place - FREE!

They will go to the first person who emails me at michelle (at)

Are they yours? :)


My voice is in Providence May 16 & 17 

I submitted a 7-minute sample along with 85+ other artists to be part of an installation designed by Stephan Moore at the Open Signal Festival May 16 & 17.  My voice, rhodes and other sounds will played simultaneously with the submissions of 3 other artists and run through Stephan's hemispheric speakers.  It looks like kind of like this:


It sounds a lot different than just my sample but here's what I submitted.

My submission was in response to Open Signal's mission statement and some of the issues they are currently exploring: OPENSIGNAL was founded by a group of students in Brown’s MEME [Multimedia + Electronic Music Experiments] Department who came together over the need for greater visibility of women and people of color engaged with experimental/electronic music practice at Brown. While there is great diversity at the level of the student body, this is not reflected in the current faculty or in past guest artist invitations.

Album Release Show May 5 

Big thanks to everyone who came out to Monday's album release show at Friends and Lovers. It was a great night of music and friends.

Michelle Amador, Tim Bulkley, and Ben Campbell - Photo by @garychou

For those who didn't make it out, be sure to check out the other artists who shared the bill, San Pond and Goh Nakamura.

WNYC's Greene Space Battle of the Boroughs 

I've been selected as 1 of 13 bands to represent the borough of Brooklyn in WNYC's Brooklyn Battle of the Boroughs at The Greene Space in Manhattan.

Buy tickets today.

Emceed by WQXR’s Terrance McKnight and featuring guest judges John Schaefer, host of WNYC's SoundcheckHelga Davis of Philip Glass' Einstein on the Beach and a Q2 Music contributing host; and producer Bob Power.

Tickets: $15 with a complimentary glass of wine or beer; $30 for an open wine and beer bar

Limited seating available

Venue: The Greene Space, 44 Charlton Street, New York, NY (corner of Varick Street)

New album out in early 2014 

I'm very excited to have Lissi Erwin of Splendid Corp designing the cover for the next album. The album will be out in early 2014... still quite a few things to get in place in addition to artwork (some pics of the band, some reviews, and all that good stuff). I look forward to sharing the developments! Happy holidays! Michelle

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